Our "Why"

Chicago and South Florida Wedding Photographer

Why we became wedding photographers:

Rosemary and Richard McGathey
May 15, 1949


We call this the "paparazzi" shot

These are our grandparents, Mama Chayo and Papa, on their wedding day. Some sixty years later they're still madly in love. Long before "photojournalism" became a buzzword in the wedding industry people were capturing images like this that told the story and captured the emotion and the moments of a wedding day.

Their photographer captured this shot of Mama and Papa's wedding guests snapping photos with their own cameras... which was a BIG deal 67 years ago. He captured the moment and the excitement not realizing how precious this image would become to future generations.

We want to do that for you..capture images that your kids, grandkids, great-grands and everyone....swoon after decades later.


autumn & melin